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Author: Courtney Klepsch  /  On: Oct 21  /  Categories: News 


Cambridge, MA, Oct. 21, 2014 – Mannix Aklian, inventor of Visual Assay® and founder and CEO of Label Independent, Inc., will provide a special presentation for aDREAM Editor’s Conference in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday, Oct. 22. Participants of the event will also be attending the subsequent one-day conference, Academic Drug Discovery: Addressing Irreproducibility in Target Validation. During his presentation, Aklian will introduce Visual Assay, a novel solution to increase reproducibility.

“Reproducibility and data integrity are critical to time, cost, and quality in the drug discovery process. There is a need for a tool that allows the scientist to build experiments on-the-fly, with information available before, captured during and analyzed after the experiment. We have built this tool in a mobile device and it reduces error rates and makes collaboration and data sharing instant. In the end, data is only as valuable as the methods used to generate it,” Aklian said of Visual Assay.

During the presentation, Aklian will demonstrate Visual Assay, a real-time data capture and collaboration tool for life sciences. Aklian will provide an overview of how Visual Assay’s technology can improve reproducibility and provide real-time data capture. In addition, Aklian will show how the platform encourages instant collaboration in research labs performing pre-clinical drug discovery.

Sponsored by the Academic Drug Discovery Consortium (ADDC) and the Editors of the Assay Guidance Manual, Thursday’s one-day conference is planned around a series of talks and panels by industry, academia, and government scientists, as well as editors from leading journals, to lend perspective and brainstorm practical solutions. The conference is expected to bring together key biomedical scientists and stake holders as a community with a keen interest in reproducibility in pre-clinical drug discovery.

For more information about the ADDC conference, visit

About Visual Assay: A product of Label Independent, Inc., Visual Assay is a tablet-based collaboration tool used for managing, capturing, and sharing assay data in real-time. Developed by scientists for scientists, Visual Assay is available as a cloud-based SaaS solution or on-premises platform that captures data as it’s generated in secure, encrypted files. Used in three continents across the globe, the novel software calls for virtually no typing and removes the need for translation allowing companies to cross language, cultural and geographical barriers, all while increasing reproducibility and productivity. Visual Assay’s first clients include several top 10 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. To learn more about Visual Assay or to request a demo, visit


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