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Author: Courtney Klepsch  /  On: Jun 09  /  Categories: News 



Philadelphia, PA June 9, 2015 – Mannix Aklian, founder and CEO of Label Independent, Inc., will demonstrate Visual Assay®, a revolutionary real-time method workflow development and collaboration tool, at 2015 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia, PA, June 15-18. The world’s largest biotechnical gathering, the exhibition will be attended by 2,500 CEOs and feature more than 1,700 exhibitors showcasing emerging technologies. Aklian will demonstrate how Visual Assay improves reproducibility and provides real-time data capture. In addition, Aklian will show how the platform encourages instant collaboration and ensures workflow compliance in healthcare and biopharma settings.

“Our mobile workflow software, Visual Assay, creates context. Information is shared in a micro-environment that gives it meaning relative to adjacent information. We don’t just capture a file and share it, we capture the context of the file, what it means, what led to its creation and what happened as a result,” said Aklian of Visual Assay. “We’re capturing and sharing information in a completely new way and that’s why our users embrace the technology. It improves reproducibility and productivity. This is new paradigm in collaboration. In the end, data is only as valuable as the methods used to generate it, and our technology makes it actionable.”

This year, the 2015 BIO International Convention will be organized by product focus zones. Visual Assay will be featured in the Digital Health Zone where patient-centric solutions will be displayed, including data management, patient-centric and patient-specific data capture and reporting solutions and more. Learn more about Mobile Workflow & Collaboration Using Visual Assay during a presentation on Tuesday, June 16 from 11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at the Digital Health Zone App Bar.

The 2015 BIO International Convention offers super-charged ideas and opportunities that go far beyond professional development—sessions covering hottest science and cutting-edge topics, daily networking events, 1,700+ exhibitors and BIO One-on-One PartneringTM meetings with thousands of companies. Learn more at

About Visual Assay: A product of Label Independent, Inc., Visual Assay is a tablet-based collaboration tool used for method workflow development and for managing, capturing and sharing assay data in real time. Developed by scientists for scientists, Visual Assay is available as a cloud-based or on-premises workflow compliance solution that captures data as it’s generated in secure, encrypted files. Used on three continents, Visual Assay requires virtually no typing and removes the need for translation, allowing companies to cross language, cultural and geographical barriers, all while increasing reproducibility and productivity. Visual Assay’s first clients include top 10 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. To learn more about Visual Assay or to request a demo, visit

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