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Mannix Aklian, creator of Visual Assay®, will present how to use the mobile data workflow device in the lab to capture and share assay data on Monday, Jan. 25 at SLAS 2016 in San Diego.

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San Diego, CA January 18, 2016 – Mannix Aklian, founder and CEO of Label Independent, Inc., will present Visual Assay®, a revolutionary real-time method workflow development and collaboration tool, at The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Conference and Exhibition. Aklian’s presentation, The Visual Assay Platform: A Novel Mobile Assay Workflow and Project Management Tool to Ensure Data Reproducibility – Using Mobile Devices in the Lab to Capture & Share Assay Data, is scheduled for Monday, January 25 at 11 a.m.. The exhibition, which is January 23-27 at the San Diego Convention Center, will feature more than 300 leading multinational providers of laboratory technology and related products and services. View presentation details.

During the presentation, Aklian will address the lack of data reproducibility and integrity, which is a growing concern for National Institute of Health, the pharmaceutical industry and the scientific community at large. He will detail how Visual Assay improves reproducibility and provides real-time data capture. In addition, Aklian will demonstrate how the platform encourages instant collaboration and ensures workflow compliance in research labs performing pre-clinical drug discovery.

“Reproducibility and data integrity are critical to time, cost and quality in the drug discovery process. There is a need for a tool that allows the scientist to build experiments on-the-fly, with information available before, captured during and analyzed after the experiment. We built this tool for mobile devices to ensure workflow compliance and make collaboration and data sharing instant. In the end, data is only as valuable as the methods used to generate it, and our technology makes it actionable,” Aklian said of Visual Assay.


The SLAS 2016 Conference & Exhibition brings together engineers, scientists, technologists and researchers from government, academic and commercial laboratories. The 2016 Conference highlights Advances in Bioanalytics, Biomarkers and Diagnostics, Assay Development and Screening, Automation and High-Throughput Technologies, Cellular Technologies, Drug Target Strategies, Informatics and Micro/Nano Technologies. SLAS is a global community of more than 18,000 scientists, technologists, researchers, academics, and data informatics professionals. For more information about SLAS 2016, visit

About Visual Assay: A product of Label Independent, Inc., Visual Assay® is a tablet-based collaboration tool used for method workflow development and for managing, capturing and sharing assay data in real time. Developed by scientists for scientists, Visual Assay is available as a cloud-based or on-premises workflow compliance solution that captures data as it’s generated in secure, encrypted files. Used on three continents, Visual Assay requires virtually no typing and removes the need for translation, allowing companies to cross language, cultural and geographical barriers, all while increasing reproducibility and productivity. Visual Assay’s first clients include top 10 pharmaceutical and biotech companies. To learn more about Visual Assay or to request a demo, visit

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